1. This item absorbed some sort of smell from the microwave and it won't wash off, it is stuck smelling like this.

Wash the Item: We recommend giving the item a thorough wash as per the manufacturer's instructions. This should help remove any residual odor.
Aerate the Item: If the smell persists after washing, try placing the item in a well-ventilated area for some time to allow it to air out.
Microwave Door: If the item is meant for use in a microwave, as in the case of your purchase, you can also open the microwave door and allow it to run empty for a short duration (typically 1-2 minutes). This can help dissipate any lingering odors.

2. Warranty Terms for Ezy Products.

5 Years

3. What is the exact Material of the product ?

Tempered Glass ; Silicone
Heat Resistant ; Dishwasher Safe

4. What is the product made of ?

Tempered Glass & Thermal Shock-Resistant.

5. What makes our product special ?

- it has wide opening for steam and the possibility of reaching a removable handle

- heat resistant silicone handle and flexible rim

- clear tempered glass upto 250 degrees

- multi-size for 7to12inches in size pots

6. Advantages of Having Silicone Lids

- Easy to clean

- Microwave Safe

- Dishwasher Safe

- Keeps your kitchen Clutter-Free

7. Comparison of other brands from Ezy-Active

Microwave Cover by Ezy Active has:
- 2 Top Glass Steam Vents
- 96 Extra Side Steam Vents
- Made with High Grade Silicone Material

8. Some of the amazing features of this product:

- Food-grade silicone plate cover;
- Heavy-duty tempered glass;
- 96 extra steam vents;
- 2 top vents for easy release;
- Superior ventilation;
- Prevents air condensation;
- Keeps the food dry;
- BPA-free and safe;
- Robust and durable structure;
- Easy-grip handle;
- Dishwasher-safe;
- Heat-resistant handle;